Rugby at Smile Club sports camp

In Smile Club’s sports camp the various groups are coached in the basic rugby skills of catching and passing alongside a number of other key concepts. These sessions take place on the front lawn of our extensive campus right in the heart of Belfast City Centre. Boys and girls from ages 4-14 can take part in all of the rugby activity as all aspects are of a non-contact nature. Children participate in age groups. The sessions are led by R.B.A.I. Junior Head Coach and summer scheme co-ordinator Mr. Sheppard.


Rugby at R.B.A.I.

Other Activities

Smile club is a multi activity summer scheme located in the city centre of Belfast at R.B.A.I. school. Not many summer schemes in Northern Ireland have access to an onsite swimming pool. This is one of the many outstanding facilities the Belfast summer scheme can offer. The many activities of the scheme include sports, arts and crafts, ICT and cooking. There is also an early drop off and late pick up facility alongside all the activities for the children. For the best summer scheme to attend in summer 2019, Smile Club, also boasts well qualified and highly motivated staff.

sports camp water polo

sports camp water polo

Sports camp

Other sports activities include quick cricket, soccer, badminton, table tennis. A minimum of two swimming lessons are provided for all children throughout the week. We also offer netball, softball and orienteering.

Multi activities asides sport include ICT, dancing and singing, baking.

Plus Talent Show

The talent show at Smile club is the highlight of the week for those interested in the performing arts. It’s not compulsory to take part but the vast majority of the children love the excitement and it’s a great chance to show off any hidden talents.

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