Summer scheme activities : Swimming

Not many schools can offer the facility of a swimming pool and this eight lane 25m pool is a great opportunity for children attending the summer scheme to take advantage of. The sessions will include fun activities as well as stroke development aspects.

rbai swimmer 4

Improve your swimming drills


A chance to learn the skills of orienteering. Children follow a mapped route around the campus using compasses provided. They are guided through basic map reading and compass use by their group leaders, learning also to work as part of a team.

Summer scheme activities: Talent show

The finally of the summer scheme will provide children with the opportunity to show case their talents. They can perform solo or in a group and if they choose to simply watch and enjoy the fun then that’s okay too.

Summer scheme activities: Quick Cricket

This is a basic form of cricket and provides a stepping stone to the more traditional game. It’s much easier to play and understand and builds on striking skills. It’s also much quicker and more suitable for younger children.

Summer scheme activities: Soccer

The next Ronaldo could be in our midst. Basic soccer skills will be developed and there will also be small sided competitions and penalty shoot outs.

belfast summer scheme cooking

Summer scheme activities: Baking/Cooking

Our kitchen provided the ideal facility to learn about the basic of cooking and baking. Ingredients will be prepared and a range of buns and other eateries will be made.

Summer scheme activities: Music Taster

Simple recorder and guitar sessions for musical beginners. No experience or instruments required and all is provided. It could also be a chance to brush up for the talent show. Singing at Smile Club



Summer scheme activities: ICT

The summer scheme has the use of a number of ipads. These have c2k filtered control and a range of fun and educational activities will be provided to help with basic ICT skills.


Language Taster

Spanish and French based activities as a taster for Modern European languages. Basic terminology and learned together with an introduction to skills and intricacies of learning a language.

sports schemes basketball

a boy playing basketball during smile club week

Summer scheme activities: Basketball/Netball

Hand eye, passing and shooting skills can all be developed here. Teamwork and communication skills can also be developed. A mixture of basketball and netball will be integrated into the program.

Summer scheme activities: Softball

There is nothing better on a summers’ day than the fun of softball on the front lawn. Here throwing striking and fielding skills can be developed.

Summer scheme activities: Badminton

There are four courts for use and an introduction to the skills of badminton will be offered, alongside competitions and friendlies.


Rugby Skills

This will be led by the Summer Scheme co-ordinator Mr. Sheppard, a teacher with 15 years experience. Mr. Sheppard currently coaches the U14 rugby team and has a been head coach at R.B.A.I. for six years. Having been former Head of Rugby at Gordons School in Surrey and ex London Welsh player the children will have plenty of experience to draw from. The skill development sessions will include a range of ball and evasion skills, alongside non contact game based activities. We would encourage all the boys and girls to take part. However the rugby will not be in any way compulsory and children who would prefer to take part in another activity are free to do so. Rugby at Smile Club

pete with schools cup

Arts and Crafts/Painting

A chance to develop the young artist through a range of painting and colouring tasks. Face painting, picture painting, design and implementation all options.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is where children have to use their initiative and work together in teams to gain the prizes.