Other Activities

Belfast – Ballymena – Bangor summer camp activities


A chance to learn the skills of orienteering. Children follow a mapped route around the campus using compasses provided. They are guided through basic map reading and compass use by their group leaders, learning also to work as part of a team.


Our kitchen provided the ideal facility to learn about the basic of cooking and baking. Ingredients will be prepared and a range of buns and other eateries will be made.


The Bangor summer camp has the use of a number of ipads. These have c2k filtered control and a range of fun and educational activities will be provided to help with basic ICT skills.

Arts and Crafts/Painting

A chance to develop the young artist through a range of painting and colouring tasks. Face painting, picture painting, design and implementation all options.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is where children have to use their initiative and work together in teams to gain the prizes.

Belfast – Ballymena – Bangor summer camp activities