Royal Belfast Academical Institution – City Centre Summer Scheme 2024

  • At Smile Club NI, we guarantee…
  • Excellent facilities
  • Highly qualified staff
  •  Breakfast Club
  • EARLY / LATE DROP OFFS (8.30 a.m. -5.00 p.m.)
  • Boys and Girls AGES 4 -14
  • Prices form £29 per day or £129 per week!!!

R.B.A.I. School- R.B.A.I. Summer SchemeR.B.A.I. is an independent grammar school in Belfast, Northern Ireland. R.B.A.I. is one of the many locations for Smile Club NI, Multi-Activity Schemes.

R.B.A.I. Summer Scheme Activities

All Smile Club NI Schemes, are structured in a way that provides and promotes an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Introducing participants, to various sports and hobbies that ignite their curiosity and provide room for growth and development.

There are range of unique and fun activities available at R.B.A.I. Summer Scheme including;

  • Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Touch Rugby
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Free Play
  • Gymnastics
  • Face Painting
  • Arts and Crafts
  • IT Facilities
  • Cooking
  • Dance
  • End of Scheme Talent Show

Group Activity Fun

The schemes are structured in a way that benefits the development of your child both socially and physically.

Location of R.B.A.I. Summer Scheme

Just Outside Belfast City Centre, R.B.A.I. is a ten minute walk from the Great Victoria Bus and Train Station. The facility has free parking and easy accessibility from the main road.

Reviews for R.B.A.I. Summer Scheme

RBAI Summer 2023

My 5-year-old daughter had a great time. It helped her in boosting her confidence levels. Their itinerary was enough to keep our daughter engaged throughout the summer. Good friendly environment and flexible in timings. I would definitely recommend smile club. My child is going to join in next summer too.
– Akshara M

Belfast Summer 2023


Cole had an amazing time at Summer camp and made his summer the best ever! Thank you to all of the leaders!”
– Katy Taggart

Current R.B.A.I. Summer Schemes Available

R.B.A.I. Summer Scheme

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