Well-being is a top priority at summer school Belfast

At Smile Club Ni summer school Belfast, we have made the decision to source the best in local healthy foods to add to the tuck shop options. Well-being, nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle are all key aspects of what we aim to promote within the scheme. Our fresh fruit range is sourced locally by FLAVOUR FIRST.

Summer school Belfast Nutrition

We are also introducing a selection of reasonably priced sugar and gluten free products from the FREEIST, also another local company. Soe examples of their products are below.
The Free’ist Range includes: (Nut/trace options excluded)
Five Popcorns – Caramel Crunch, Sweet & Salty, Lightly Sea Salted, &, Toffee Apple;
Six Chocolate Bars – Milk Choc, Dark Choc, Dark Choc with Mint, Dark Choc with Orange, &, White Strawberry Choc;
Three Jams – Strawberry, Marmalade, &, Raspberry;
Two Wafers – Chocolate Wafer Bars, &, Chocolate Wafer Sticks;
One Marshmallow – Sugar Free Marshmallows

Activities added

Summer scheme activities: Talent show

The finally of the summer scheme will provide children with the opportunity to show case their talents. They can perform solo or in a group and if they choose to simply watch and enjoy the fun then that’s okay too.

Summer scheme activities: Quick Cricket

This is a basic form of cricket and provides a stepping stone to the more traditional game. It’s much easier to play and understand and builds on striking skills. It’s also much quicker and more suitable for younger children.

Summer scheme activities: Soccer

The next Ronaldo could be in our midst. Basic soccer skills will be developed and there will also be small sided competitions and penalty shoot outs.

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