Talent Show

Each week Smile Club Ni holds a Talent Show were children have the opportunity to perform live acts. This could be through a range of music and Dance scheme Belfast or drama performances. Performances are voluntary, build confidence and raise self esteem.

singing action shot at smile club


We offer a range of singing coaching for all abilities. Singing sessions are both individual and in group settings. A range of different genres and audio software is available.


Sessions are taken by skilled drama instructors. This includes warm ups and individual and group performances. Other aspects include Role Play and Narration. This is alongside Story Telling and Thought Tracking.

Additional features to include learning a variety of skills in Character and Concentration. Others include Energy, Getting to know and Group Cohesion. As well as Improvisation and Listening. Children also learn Plot, trust and Voice and Dialogue.

drama summer scheme

Dance scheme Belfast

Children can participate in a range of contemporary dance sessions including building routines.
Our dance workshops are particularly suitable for children wishing to develop their dance technique. This  improves skills in choreography and performance.