Face painting fun at Smile Club Summer 2024

It’s time for Smile Club again this summer and face painting fun has been added to the huge list of activities on offer during the weeks activity. On Wednesday we travelled to Osborne Park where we had full use of the sports facilities.

Face painting fun

face painting

face painting

Activities Included:

Rugby skills

Football skills and football tournament

Mini Olympics


Quick Cricket and cricket skills


What a great week of fun!!!!!

marketing pic 3

Each week Smile Club Ni holds a Talent Show were children have the opportunity to perform live acts. This could be through a range of music and Dance scheme Belfast or drama performances. Performances are voluntary, build confidence and raise self esteem.


Hand eye, passing and shooting skills can all be developed here. Teamwork and communication skills can also be developed. A mixture of basketball and netball will be integrated into the program.


The next Ronaldo could be in our midst. Basic soccer skills will be developed and there will also be small sided competitions and penalty shoot outs.

Sports and Rugby

Rugby Skills

The skill development sessions will include a range of ball and evasion skills, alongside non contact game based activities. We would encourage all the boys and girls to take part. However the rugby will not be in any way compulsory and children who would prefer to take part in another activity are free to do so.


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