Osborne Sports Fun Day on Summer Scheme

DSC02859Rugby summer scheme sessions include:

Passing technique, Passing of both hands, Communication

Body positions, Linking with other players, Outwitting opponents

Rugby Ready Skills, Pick up off ground, Set down to ground

Spins, Catch to chest, Catch above head, Body positions

Games, Tag rugby, Touch Rugby, Rugby Netball

rugby skills 1


Bowling Skills:
Whether you’re a fast bowler, medium-paced bowler who swings the ball in the air or spin bowler who gets the ball to move dramatically off the pitch, bowling has a foundation of skills that each player must learn.

Batting Skills:
The following key areas should be implemented. Watch the ball, keep your head still on release of the ball, judge length accurately, allow your hands to lead your body and feet into the correct position and select the correct shot.

quick cricket fun at smile club

quick cricket fun at smile club

Your grip on the bat should feel natural, using the same tension as when you pick the bat up from the ground. Try to relax at the crease since tension will restrict your movement and have a negative impact on your technique. Lift the bat up as the bowler approaches, keep your head still, focus on the ball and commit fully to the shot you select.

Catching Skills:
Catching requires five basic skills: Excellent reflexes to get the ball, good hand-eye coordination, anticipation and alertness to react to the ball quickly, and a still head to keep the technique together.


Play and make up small-sided and modified competitive
striking/fielding and invasion games.
Use skills and tactics and apply basic principles.
Work with others to organise and keep the games going.


Passing with the inside of the foot , with the outside of the foot , with the instep , crossing the ball.
Shooting with the instep, with the inside of the foot, with the outside of the foot , on the half-volley, on the volley – from the front.


Heading at goal from high crosses. Trapping the ball with the foot.
Feint and dribble the passing move, the shooting move, the body move , the back-foot move, the scissors move.

Ball control looking up before you receive the ball, close control, Running with the ball close control , Turning with the body move.


Perform basic skills in travelling, being still, finding space
and using it safely, both on the floor and using apparatus
Develop the range of their skills and actions [for example,
balancing, taking off and landing, turning and rolling]
Choose and link skills and actions in short movement
phrases create and perform short, linked sequences that
show a clear beginning, middle and end.



Pupils should be taught to:
Use movement imaginatively, responding to stimuli,
including music, and performing basic skills [for example,
travelling, being still, making a shape, jumping, turning and
Change the rhythm, speed, level and direction of their
Create and perform dances using simple movement
patterns, including those from different times and

Mini Olympics

Range of 8 -10 competitive events in a fun filled environment

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