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Smile Club Ni is a multi-activity summer scheme at Lisburn Rugby Club. Asides from the many activities of the sports scheme there are also arts and crafts, ICT, and cooking. There is also an early drop-off and late pick-up facility alongside all the activities for the children from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm. Smile Club Ni has a well-qualified and highly motivated staff. The end of the week sees the annual talent show taking place. This is a great opportunity to show off the skills and practice from the week’s Summer Camps in Lisburn.

Fun with Arts and Crafts

Fun with Arts and Crafts at Smile Club NI

Activities at Lisburn Summer Camps

All Smile Club NI Schemes, are structured in a way that provides and promotes an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Introducing participants, to various sports and hobbies that ignite their curiosity and provide room for growth and development.

There is a range of unique and fun activities available at Lisburn Summer Camp.

Prices form £29 per day or £129 per week

At Smile Club NI, we guarantee…

✔️ Excellent facilities

✔️ Highly qualified staff

* Breakfast Club


(8.30 a.m. -5.00 p.m.)

* Boys and Girls

AGES4-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-14



All Smile Club NI Schemes are priced affordably, providing a safe and secure childcare option for busy Parents/Guardians.

Prices start from £129 per week per child. Daily rates of £29.The schemes are structured in a way that benefits the development of your child both socially and physically.

Location of Lisburn Summer Camp

Map of Lisburn Rugby Club

Current Lisburn Summer Camps Available 

Lisburn Summer Camps

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