East Belfast Summer Scheme 2024, Malone Rugby Club

We will be running our East Belfast summer scheme 2024 for 4 to 14 year olds and both boys and girls. Our experienced and well qualified staff will welcome all and are looking forward to our event. Smile Club Ni has exclusive use of the facility from the 15th of July.

Indoor activities at include cooking, an extensive range of arts and crafts, drama, dancing, Lego building, nerf wars, talent shows and much more. Our door activities to include badminton, football, dance, touch rugby, quick cricket, athletics, nature trails, orienteering and others. There is also a nearby play park.

East Belfast Summer Scheme 2024

We aim to place health and well – being at the heart of the scheme. We aim to keep the children as active as possible. The great range of activities offer opportunities for all abilities to enjoy. This variety offers the chance to join other groups and have greater choice.

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for children
  • Exceptional staff that you can trust
  • Children come home happy – & tired out!
  • Convenient service and affordable childcare for busy parents
  • Children develop the fundamentals

The wide range of activities we offer presents many benefits for children. Sports enhance Coordination, Balance, Team Work and Endurance; arts & crafts improve Fine Motor Control and Creativity.

By sorting children into age groups, we tailor activities to meet their developmental needs. This is particularly important for younger children. For older children, this means that activities are complex enough to challenge and stimulate all abilities.

Smile Club Ni staff are recruited based on three criteria: experience, qualifications and attitude. Many staff are already teachers at our venues, so they bring with them familiarity and a wealth of knowledge.

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